Of all the descriptions I have read around manifesting, this is the best. Here are several excerpts taken from the book that influenced me most on my journey by the most humble of teachers, Sylvia Bennett. The book is called Magic The Simple Truth. 

Sylvia Bennett:

What is the most powerful thing you have? The most powerful thing you have is your attention. Combine this, the most powerful thing you have, with the most powerful force in the Universe, which is the force of intention and you have power. Power comes from your ability to focus attention and maintain that focus towards an intention. Focus is a powerful tool. When you say "focus" you are talking about attention. If you say someone is focused, you are saying that his or her attention is focused. 

The study of metaphysics reaches that thought creates form and the thoughts you carry right now are creating your future. I think, to be accurate, we must say it is the intention held within and send forth from our thoughts that creates our future. This intention is coming from the places in our consciousness where our attention is most strongly focused. This is why obsession is so powerful. Obsessive thoughts are beaming out a focused intention that is gathering energy around itself. Our thoughts are a mirror of our attention, both our conscious and in most cases, our subconscious attention. Thought is our attention. 

The most powerful thing you have is your attention. People who are successful are successful because their attention is focused like a single beam on the thing they want. Like a great actor focused on the effect they want to create, successful people, focusing their attention, become the thing they want and bring into being. This is a subtle process. What is attention? Is it definable? Is attention the same thing as attentive? 

Most people think attention is about thinking. Attention is not thinking. An attentive mind is not a thinking mind. A thinking mind is a busy mind. A thinking mind is an interpretive mind. A thinking mind is an analytical mind. An attentive mind is very quiet--not interpreting or analyzing; it simply notices the present--observes what is without commenting on what was or what should be. An attentive mind is both at rest and active at the same time. A focused attention is immediate, in the present moment--now. It is not looking at yesterday or tomorrow. A focused attention is an attention that included all the senses, both physical and subtle. When your attention is focused, it is as if you are reaching out an invisible beam of light and touching that which you are focused on. You are not thinking about how to interpret the thing you are focused on; you are just touching it. And you are touching it with the totality of yourself. So a focused attention is not a commentary and it does not include interpretation; it is an action.

Your focused attention is like a magnet. It creates a concentrated energy field around a focal point and the focal point attracts and "gathers" more and more energy. 

Tremendous energy gathers around the place where your attention is focused. And energy makes things happen!