I have always been curious to the mystic aspects of Frankincense. Along with Gold and Myrhh, these were the three gifts brought by the wise men to Jesus. I have always wondered what the spiritual aspect behind that is. I use both essential oils in my diffuser from time to time and they give me a sense of peace. I recently came across an article by a shaman "John" and this is how he describes it:

Tools for Spiritual Healing by John:

As a shamanic practitioner as well as herbalist, I believe it is important to treat and recognize the spiritual dimension of healing. Holiday time and the New Year are a time for celebration, but also a time of great stress for many. It is a time that can remind us of old emotional pains and reopen old wounds thought healed. Then again, it is often this period that allows us to go outside our comfort zone of what we believe about healing, and try something new. It is important to recognize that the spiritual dimension can be a place where things hide from our conscious minds. Our society does not easily recognize that physical illness begins in the spiritual body.

Frankincense is a powerful plant ally. A body worker I used to work with asked me to formulate an essential-oil blend for a client of his. This client suffered from posttraumatic stress syndrome from his time in Vietnam. It was a simple formula, the main components being frankincense and myrrh. My friend claims that while he was working on his client with the formula, they both felt the moment his client’s spirit came back into his body. Following that session, the client used the formula through his daily life and in healing baths, and it supported him in finding perspective and peace. The formula did not do the work for him, but opened a safe place that allowed him to integrate what he’d learned in his healing process.

Creating a space for spiritual healing and clearing the energy field is an important first step for deep spiritual work. Any plant can do this, but I find frankincense to be specific for creating an opening when the 7th chakra has been denied from fear or extreme trauma. Chakra #7 is how we connect with Spirit. It is a chakra we send energy out from. Frankincense helps ignite a relationship between spiritual dimensions and the person. Additionally, it works well with the 6th chakra, or third eye, as the point where the mind, spirit and energy body meet with the physical and go on to touch every cell of our body. It is also the point where we are capable of receiving information. It is a charka that takes in energy. At this place our conscious self connects with our subconscious self, and we have the ability to use information from spiritual dimensions for healing. Frankincense takes us where we are ready and willing to go in this process. It protects us and gives us courage in our journey. A depressed spirit is one that cannot move. In this position we cannot do what we need to heal. Frankincense lifts the spirit and focuses the mind, allowing us to find perspective and get our direction straight. We begin to move forward instead of stagnate.

When we are overwhelmed during the holidays, our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies become stressed. Frankincense is fitting for this time of year, and the basis is not merely traditional. Frankincense gives us energy, stimulates our immune system, protects our respiratory tract and alleviates spiritual stress by keeping our energy field clear. As the cold deepens and the snow swirls, I suggest making a nice warming foot rub with frankincense, myrrh and clove.