What really determines our manifestations?  The identities we conform to determine our experiences and luckily, our identities are interchangeable. The manifestation of something or a situation arises directly from our feelings which create our identity. If we change our feelings, we are able to change our identity thereby transmuting our lives. Easier said than done but simpler than most would believe.  The secret is in the way you feel.  Forget the thoughts, forget the reason for why you feel the way you do.  The only thing you should ever focus on is how you feel. Use your the space between your lungs and the space right underneath your diaphragm to determine what you are FEELING. If you can train yourself to first become aware of how you feel when you feel a pit in your stomach or the sinking of your heart, you can then train yourself to transmute that feeling. This is the magic of mental alchemy and how to make things happen in your world. Even if you don't meditate, visualize, pray, etc, by simply doing this, you will create the #identity of a #superhero in no time!