Once upon a time, there was a girl named Daisy.  One day Daisy googled "mental alchemy" and found the jackpot.  She stumbled upon a little woman named Sylvia Bennett and a book called "Magic: The Simple Truth".  What Daisy didn't know yet was that her life was about to change.  She had embarked on something that would turn her life right-side up.  For a while, Daisy was obsessed on how to make time for the year long course about Mental Alchemy she taught in Seattle.  But when she went to find it, apparently Sylvia was on hiatus to write another book.  So then Daisy became completely engrossed in the book and read it, re-read it, copied all the passages on paper so she could absorb what Sylvia was saying through her own writing.  Daisy didn't realize it then but by becoming the book itself, Daisy was able to understand it in a way that most people couldn't.  The beautiful art of energetic transmutation is just that...an art.  The good news is that we are all artists and can make magic if we applied this to the letter. She applied the principles to the last word for 2 separate areas/situations in her life.  And poof!!!! Like Magic, it worked!  Daisy's entire life turned around personally and she married the love of her life who she had been broken up with for over a year and a half. She was suddenly living in France and a year later married to the man of her dreams. Of course as one desire is fulfilled, another is born. So now she is in the thick of her desires again and for a minute she forgot the Magic she had learned and started to go back to her old egotistical ways. Then of course, her soul-twin reminded her of that Magic and she is now going to re-read "Magic: The Simple Truth" by Sylvia Bennett. Thank you Sylvia!