Many people throughout history have been revered as geniuses.  That word in itself gives us meaning that these people are intellectually smarter than the rest of us.  However, if you look at Albert Einstein, Nikola Tessla, and Leonardo DaVinci, they all claim that their knowledge came from a place other than their own mind.  What if what sets them apart from everyone is the ability to take their imaginations to further places than the average man? Our intellect works within a framework of limitations which are determined differently for each of us.  Each human being develops their intellect and thought process by their own experiences.  But each experience has limitations and creates walls around the scope of the thoughts we can have around a given subject.  So how these people along with all the other inventors and discoverers go beyond their own limitations is by going to places further than their logical mind could.....with their imagination. What if that was the only difference?  Well then that just blows open the door for everyone.  We can all invent and discover things if we just untied the ropes of our own repetitive thoughts around us and started to channel in the infinite thoughts which hold the solution to any problem. We have the answer to any problem right in front of us but have blinded ourselves to them by becoming a slave to limited thoughts.  Unlimited thinking is just opening up the mind to receive thoughts without self imposed limitations.