There is a post on theOmPage Facebook closed group that I want to share here on the blog.


Are you CREATING your emotions? Or are your emotions creating you?

Are you using your emotions to CREATE or are you using your emotions to REACT?

The answer to the questions above determines EVERYTHING in your life experience. We are INFINITE versions of OURSELVES interacting with infinite versions of others leading to infinite possibilities. The realisation of anyone single possibility is our own FREE WILL. So be careful of what you choose through your prayer of emotions. Emotions were Meant to be used to create, but we use them to react not knowing that the emotions themselves are prayers. So every time you are FEELING anything, focus on changing only how you feel and that in itself will make your life better. Overtime, you will get steady in your increased frequency leading you to feel better and better. Then at some moment you will be in a state of joy and your life will have become exactly that which you dreamt of. Stop trying to `'do`' things. Stop trying to fix things. Stop trying to control things. Let go and surrender. Let it be (as Juliet says smile emoticon JUST BELIEVE. Once you give in and stop trying, the universe will take over and deliver to you exactly what you ask for.