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Well, interestingly, as I was looking for my original post from one of my old websites, I also happened to stumble upon a true gem ....an essay written by David Johnston about the consciousness theme behind the movie itself.  The article is an incredibly comprehensive review of the storyline and the meaning behind it.  I am enamored by it and will be reading it over and over to fully digest everything. Imagine reading this gem and then to top it all off, David also had his take on the Lyrics behind the soundtrack!!!!  If you have time please take a look at this essay, it is mind-blowing.




David Johnston


In this essay I study the movie, Skyfall, from the point of view of the need for the hero to appropriate shadow qualities, notably, psychopathic qualities, to consciousness. I particularly examine James Bond with respect to these attributes in relationship to his nemesis, Raoul Silve, aka Tiego Roderick. I argue that the former is a genuine hero, although he has a trickster-
puer shadow that remains until the end, whereas the latter is a trickster psychopathic destroyer. I also point out that with his new boss, Gareth Mallory, who replaces M, after she dies at the end of the movie, there may be an opportunity for James Bond to leave the trickster cycle altogether and to fully embrace the hero dynamic. In the Epilogue, I specifically show how individuals today can be touched by the message of the movie and to take it further for the sake of individuation and bringing in a new world. There is a need to appropriate psychopathic shadow traits

to gain the strength to overcome obstacles and resistances for this eventuality.




The Second Coming

Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.

William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)


I haven’t seen a James Bond movie since the debonair Sean Connery, exuding considerable charm, weaved his way eloquently across the screen, dancing erotically from danger and seduction to danger and seduction. From all reports, Skyfall is different from the other Bond films, deeper and darker in scope and, for many critics, the best of the lot. For the first time, the Bond drama does not come directly from the work of Ian Fleming, but was written by contemporary writers, John Logan, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who, judging from the storyline and the choice of names of our main protagonists, are apparently steeped in rich symbolism, especially concerning the mythology of the trickster and hero cycles. Although there is apparently some continuity with
Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, it essentially stands apart, possibly to initiate a new sequence of dramatic adventures for our exciting and unconquerable



Skyfall, Mercurius, James Bond and the Joker-Shadow
Skyfall is the name Bond’s home as a child. The statue at the gateway entrance is in the form of a Stag, which, amongst the natural philosophers of the Middle Ages, as
cervus fugitivus, a theriomorphic representation of Mercurius, it symbolizes the soul in matter. As Mercurius Duplex, it unites all opposites from the lowest to the highest, both light and shadow; it is connected with healing springs, on the one hand, and the ghosts of the dead, on the other. It is both a spiritual guide but also represents superbia or spiritual arrogance, when there is one-sided identification with Logos or reason and meaning, to the exclusion of Eros or relatedness. While the Stag is a symbol for the incarnated soul that links spirit and matter, the name, Skyfall, suggests a collapse of cognitive and moral structures.

The presence of the Stag statue suggests that the constellation of the archetype of individuation and the hero is alive and well in Bond since childhood, as is the need to come to terms with the collapse due to the skyfall. James Bond, as MI6 (Military Intelligence 6) agent 007, and Tiego Rodriguez aka Raoul Silve, the Joker-shadow, are like twin brothers, with the Joker being the shadow side of Bond. The dynamic between them is therefore based on the archetypal brothers, one good and the other bad or inferior, like Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau and the twins, Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, as well as countless other similar legends and stories recorded throughout the world. Their intimate relationship is graphically portrayed after James is tied to a chair on Raoul’s desolate island and the apparently gay, Raoul, plays seductively in a homo-erotic fashion with his chief antagonist and twin. Both Raoul and


Skyfall 5 James Bond had both been subjected to death and resurrection episodes, thanks to

separate decisions made by the mother agent and their mutual supervisor, M, possibly standing for Mum. Yet, Bond is ultimately on the side of life, while the Joker stands for death and destruction. The former’s relationship to the mother-agent seems to be positive and forgiving, while the joker’s is malevolent despite their symbiotic relationship. M’s initiatory gift to Bond in her will at the end of the movie is a symbolic bull dog with the Union Jack painted on its chest, the protective and fighting instinct, especially for the British.

Raoul Silve aka Tiego Rodriguez, the Joker, is a pathological psychopath, while James Bond integrates psychopathic traits for the sake of manifesting the good. Like Moses, he is an orphan, and his life inevitably turns towards heroism, eventually as an unknown saviour for the British people, fighting the shadow in the shadows. The basic blueprint determining James’ varied life and adventures is psychological descent, heroic struggle with the monster, whether psychological as a depression or a near-death experience, or fighting a shadow figure like the Joker near the end of the movie, and then emergence or resurrection. As he said on being questioned by Raoul, his favourite hobby is “resurrection.” This blueprint keeps him in touch with the heroic impulse and wisdom as it allows him to deepen his understanding and discriminate between good and evil forces.

Psychopaths have uncanny “wisdom” for survival and dominance, which Bond also seems to access, in his case, for the sake of manifesting moral good and defeating the

Skyfall 6 intrusion of evil. Heroes in Nordic mythology have snake’s eyes and are buried face-

down looking in the direction of the chthonic gods, unlike everybody else who is buried facing the heavens. The hero, in other words, always integrates shadow qualities, often those attributed to the psychopath.

The Theme Song: Skyfall

Parsing the theme song, “Skyfall,” seductively sung by Adele Laurie, opens up the possibility of understanding the main underlying message of the Bond drama. At the outset, I think it is fair to say, it reminds one of Yeat’s Second Coming, at least the first stanza, particularly these words: Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” The first stanza of the song begins with the haunting words: “This is the end”....”Feel the earth move and then” ....I’ve drowned........Swept away, I’m stolen,” suggesting a traumatic experience, where, psychologically, there is a feeling that life has come to a hopeless end as the psychological ground moves, and there is a feeling of being inundated. The second stanza begins with “Let the sky fall, when it crumbles, and follows with “We will stand tall......... And face it all together.” These lines indicate, at least in part, the reason for the trauma, the “sky fall,” which seems to mean a collapse in ideals and cognitive structures that have worked to orientate life until the present moment. The third stanza informs the listener of the outcome of Skyfall, “A thousand miles and poles apart/ Where worlds collide and days are dark.” There is, in other words, a dramatic collision of values, beliefs and attitudes, those based on the basic ideals and orienting morality of a culture that are being challenged by dark shadow values, that, hitherto, have not seen

Skyfall 7 the light of days. The lyrics, “You may have my number......But you’ll never have my

heart.” suggest a way through this traumatic collision, which is by holding on steadfastly to values of the heart. With the words, “where you go I go/ What you see I see/ I know I’d never be me without the security/ Of your loving arms keeping me from harm,” Stanza 5 puts emphasis on the interdependence, indeed unity between a strong masculine presence and a loving, yielding feminine nature as being the essential ingredient in living the way of the heart.

The original Skyfall appears to be related with James Bond’s birth as that is the name of his early residence. Given the storyline, it seems that his relationship to Skyfall is that he was directly implicated from birth, that he was born with the potential destiny of being a hero/saviour. He is required to come to terms with the emerging destructive energy and conquer it for the good. He has to come to terms with emerging destructive shadow values, defeat the evil intrusion and set things right again. His heroic relationship with Skyfall is depicted early on in the film when he is inadvertently shot by a fellow agent, a beautiful dark female by the name of Eve. Eve is a name of Hebrew origins, meaning “to breathe” and “to live,” suggesting that despite being shot by her, it is ultimately in service of life. In fact, after being shot, Bond is shown on a free sky fall or decent to his “death” or near-death. By going through a personal sky fall and descent to the nether worlds and later resurrecting, he is already showing attributes of the hero/saviour that portends a successful outcome to his mission.

Skyfall 8 James Bond proves himself master of sexuality and death, the symbolic attributes of the

astrological sign Scorpio. As he, himself, says in response to Raoul [Tiego]’s query on the nature of his hobby, that it is resurrection. He is a true hero, although with a Joker- puer shadow. The perfect imagery depicting both his kinship with the psychopath as well as his mastery over the death/sex dynamic takes place, after his personal skyfall and death or near-death experience. After re-emergence from the nether-worlds, he is eventually shown standing at a bar, fearlessly allowing a scorpion on his arm with a raised stinger tail poised to strike, as he coolly quaffs a drink without flinching. Bond, in other words, manifests the psychopathic traits of being attracted to exciting and risky adventures, fearlessness, mindfulness and intense focus on the task at hand. The well- known story of the frog and the scorpion is very informative as to the nature of the psychopath and his intrinsic nature. Here it is:

A frog and a scorpion are enjoying a friendly cup of tea together on a bank of the Bow River, both desiring to cross to the other side. The charming scorpion says to his companion: “Say, my brother, “would you kindly carry me over the water on your back? I have important business to attend to over there; I cannot swim, and the water is deep and the current swift.”

The frog is immediately suspicious. He replies: “Well, sir, you may have important business to conduct on the other shore, but please don’t try to fool me. You are a scorpion, and you have a lethal stinger at the end of your tail. As soon as I let you on my back, your nature will probably dictate that you sting me to death.” The scorpion had anticipated this bit of resistance and warmly replies: “My dear friend, your concern is very understandable, but please realize it is not in my best interest to sting you, as I really do need to reach the other side of the river. I promise you. No harm will come your way.”

Still with some resistance, the frog agrees to the smooth-talking scorpion and, after the scorpion had climbed onto his back, he leaps into the water. For the first part of the journey across the river, all goes well. But, the frog suddenly feels a sharp pain in his back and then spreading numbness. He sees, out of the corner of his eye, the



scorpion’s stinger withdrawing from his back. Realizing what had happened, he croaks: “You’re such a damn fool! Now we are both going to die, and you won’t be able to get to the other side in order to conduct your business.” “My dear Mr. Frog,” the scorpion nonchalantly replies: “I am a scorpion, and, as you yourself foresaw, I am just following the call of my nature.” With that they both sink beneath the fast moving current and disappear forever.

Like the scorpion, the psychopath acts malevolently because that is what he does. Near the dramatic end of the movie, Tiego, the Joker, who has a strong death-mother fixation, tries to kill his superior, M, or Mum, along with himself, in a dual death that is similar to the dual death depicted in the frog-scorpion story. Killing and being destructive is what the Joker does but, like the scorpion, who dies after stinging his opponent to death, the Joker dies as well, at least potentially in a dual death. In fact, in the movie, James Bond arrives and ruthlessly hurls a knife into the Jokers back and he dies in agony. M subsequently also dies, but in the loving arms of our man, James, who proves, once again, to be on the side of life, with a warm relationship to the nurturing and protective mother.

What’s in a Name: James Bond, Attributes and Pedigree?
Now let us examine the meaning of the names of the principle characters in the drama as well as James’ personal lineage. Let us begin with the latter’s family name, “Bond.” Bond originates in Middle and Old English and means “peasant farmer.” James Bond’s essential stock as peasant farmer is humble and of the earth, suggesting the healthy roots of a potential hero. His father’s name was Andrew, which means “manly and strong,” qualities, which were evidently passed on to his son, and which serve agent 007 well in his many heroic adventures. His mother’s name was Monique Delacroix,

Skyfall 10 who hailed from Switzerland. Monique means “counsellor, advisor,” and Delacroix is

French for “of the cross,” as if to suggest that, in addition to teaching him French and German, Swiss national languages, the young man’s legacy on his mother’s side pertains to carrying one’s cross in life, that is accepting one’s destined burden, with the help of counsel from the maternal voice within.

The name of his residence on the bleak Scottish moors was Skyfall, and it was depicted as a substantial, if not a dark and desolate stone house. Here was the place where James’ suffered his original trauma with the loss of both parents when he was a boy of 11. He isolated himself for two days in a subterranean tunnel connected to the house, in a kind of initiatory incubation, after which he emerged on the third day, a changed person, presumably ready to face the world, which he will eventually realize is full of darkness and evil. He was now an orphan, as a particular archetypal pattern becomes constellated, with the potential that, like Moses, one becomes a leader and saviour of people, although regressive qualities always threaten to take over. On emergence from the tunnel, - his first experience of resurrection, he was met by his caretaker, Kincaid, a name with Celtic roots, meaning “battle leader.” True to his name, he taught the young lad, the manly art of shooting a gun and hunting, preparation for making him a sharpshooter and battle ready. To round out his developing personality, James was sent to live with his paternal aunt, Charmian, a name with Greek origin, meaning “delight,” which implies a happy period of solicitude that would serve the growing adolescent well in creating a well-balanced human being in touch with his soul.

Skyfall 11 All the above is related to James Bond’s’ pedigree and environmental history that would

prepare him to take on the role of the perennial hero. His own name, James, is of Hebrew origin and is related to the Latin, Iacobus [Jacob], and means, “he who supplants.” In the light of the movie, the biblical story of the twins, Jacob and Esau, is relevant, as Jacob was born clasping his brother, Esau’s, heel. Esau’s name is of Hebrew origin and means, “hairy,” and related to Edom, meaning “red.” He was favoured by his father, a skilled hunter and characterized as a natural man, both impulsive and generous. Jacob’s name has been interpreted to mean “he who grasps the heel” or “he who deceives.” Jacob and Esau struggled from the time they were in the womb, as they represented two different and conflicted ways of being, Jacob destined to struggle with God and eventually lead the 12 tribes of Israel, while Esau, who was a more worldly man, eventually the leader of the Edomites, plagued the Isrealites. As the story goes, on his mother, Rebekah’s cajoling, Jacob deceived his blind father, Isaac, into believing that he was Esau, and gave him his brother’s blessing; and thereby Jacob supplanted Esau. In fact, earlier on, Esau sold his birthright, which he didn’t regard highly, for a dish of lentil stew for his hungry father. In material terms, he sold his right to a double portion of his father’s inheritance as the oldest son. In spiritual terms, he sold his soul’s destiny in order to satisfy transitional material needs. Jacob’s name later became Israel, meaning, “he who struggles with God,” as he became the father of the Jewish people. He was characterized as being introverted, quiet and reflective and favoured by his mother. As a mother’s son, he was closer to the creative source of life, presumably necessary for successful leadership of the new nations of Jewish people.

Skyfall 12 Thus, with the name, James, there is the suggestion of the tendency to deceive and be

manipulative like Jacob, albeit for eventual good or higher purposes, in order to supplant inferior, even evil forces. In addition to an unusual constellation of the orphan archetype in his life, James Bond has the pedigree and upbringing as well as the natural instincts, to become a true hero. He has the genes and environmental culture to become a hero/saviour, albeit with a forceful regressive edge against which he needs to do battle and eventually conquer.

What’s in a Name: The Joker-Shadow, Attributes and Pedigree?
This takes us to consideration of his arch-enemy in Skyfall, a former MI6 agent, who went by the name Raoul Silva and, like James Bond, gained special training as a spy, and worked under the direct supervision of M, who he felt betrayed him by sending him to his death. Raoul is of French origin and a variant of old English, Raul, meaning “wolf counsel.” His last name, Silva, has Latin origins and means, “woodlands, woods, forest.” Such a name suggests a persona that is at home in the dark unconscious, the woods, and which has both the ferocious striking power of a wolf, as well as “wolf’s eyes” that glow in the dark and bring wise counsel. These qualities suggest he would be a formidable opponent to James Bond, as indeed he was.

But, his real name, as he once confessed, is Tiego Rodriguez, which shows his deep kinship with James Bond; indeed, psychologically, it indicates they are twins, like Jacob and Esau, only, perhaps, even closer, in some ways, identical. Tiago is Spanish for Jacob, just as James is English for Jacob, and means, “holds by the heel” and “he who

Skyfall 13 follows” and so on. His family name is Rodriguez, a variant of the Old German,

Roderick, which means “famous power.” Like James Bond, Tiego Rodriguez, therefore, has excellent pedigree to be an MI6 agent, although with qualities that differ somewhat from his Scottish twin. As a Rodriguez, he was born with a sense of or drive for power and privilege, and, as Tiego, he was filled with conflicted energy from the outset, the instinct to supplant, and, true to the original Jacob, with manipulative skills and deceptive charm. Although a twin, Tiego Rodriguez is James Bond’s shadow twin, as this combination of qualities, the power drive and manipulative charm turned him into a psychopathic trickster and revengeful killer and agent of destruction.

The Psychopath, Psychopathic Traits, the Joker-Shadow and the Hero
The choice of Tiego Rodriguez, who hails from a Spanish-speaking country, as shadow- twin for James Bond, from an English-speaking northern country is highly appropriate. Latin countries tend to have more lunar values or Eros, meaning relational and feeling values, than Northern countries, which tend to be more oriented towards logos and, in our day, pragmatic and scientific reason and the rule of law. Logos and masculine solar consciousness, with its patriarchal order, has a black shadow side, a
sol nigredo, which can be extremely repressive and devastating, to the point of initiating mass destruction. Lunar consciousness also has a black shadow, although it is not as extensive or as destructive as the case of the black sun. Raoul Silva, aka, Tiego Rodriguez, is a case in point; since feeling betrayed and sentenced to death by M, his life has been driven by motives of revenge against her and destruction of her espionage operation, MI6. He won’t stop at anything to attain his goal, using all his charm and

Skyfall 14 technical and computer skills, as well as his training as a first class MI6 agent. He is

driven by the trickster archetype and is a psychopath, with all the shallowness, cunning, charismatic charm, fearlessness, ruthlessness, tough-mindedness, love of excitement, action orientation, emotional disengagement and deficient conscience, and mindfulness or the ability to focus or on the task at hand, of this breed of being. He is a perfect shadow foil for James Bond, who also, may it be fully acknowledged, has many of the identical traits.

Lest this be of any moral concern for the reader, as, Kevin Dutton (2012, pp.189-194, passim), in his book, “The Wisdom of Psychopaths” observes St. Paul, and other saints, also exhibited many of these qualities, although, to be sure, there are significant differences between him and your typical psychopath. Prior to his conversion experience, as Saul of Tarsus, he was ruthless in his persecution of early Christians, and like a modern day terrorist, he sanctioned many Christian deaths. While he was a Christian he also expressed many psychopathic traits in his life, including his persuasiveness, his involvement in risk and danger for instance in that he was three times shipwrecked, and he broke Roman law, and was imprisoned and eventually martyred. St. Paul is also reputed to have been a profound man of God and spiritual leader and follower of Christ who, along with St Augustine, is considered to have been one of the two principal architects of Christianity.

From the point of view of this essay, the relevant point is that, in the process of his career, both prior to becoming Christian and later, he had evidently integrated a

Skyfall 15 considerable amount of shadow values to consciousness. In Andreas Schweizer’s

(2010, p. 193) fascinating analysis of the ancient Egyptian treatise, The Sungod’s Journey Through the Netherworld, he writes: “there is no genuine renewal, until we have recognized the evil from within. It is not enough to know that this or that is bad – I do it. It is not enough to know that that this is bad or evil – I am bad and evil! A human being has murderous and terrifying sides, and I am no exception.” In order to engage in and integrate a transformation of consciousness and participate in the new creation, it is essential to experience the humility of a skyfall and come to this realization.

James Bond also appropriated shadow values and, in the course of the drama of Skyfall, he manifests his heroic nature and, by overcoming his shadow interloper, Tiego Rodriguez, he proves his worth as a hero, taking him out of the trickster cycle of being. Bond is no saint, but he is motivated to serve his country, Great Britain, even to save it from potential disaster, which he could only do by coming to terms with the arch- trickster, Tiego, and appropriating his qualities to consciousness.

The hero and the trickster cycle are intricately intertwined. The trickster cycle is populated by the peur aeternus [adolescent-eternal child] – the Peter Pan type, who is still caught in the embrace of the mother, either as ultimately nourishing or destructive, and avoids the responsibility of life or lives a transitional life. James Bond’s relationship to the mother is depicted at the end of the movie where there is a moving scene where he is depicted as lovingly holding M in his arms as she dies, where M, perhaps refers to Mum, although still with some detachment. The hero manages to liberate himself from


Skyfall 16 his entanglement with the mother complex and develops a sense of freedom, identity

and ego direction. James Bond is a hero but he continues to have a puer and trickster shadow, which gives his life a unique dynamism, but with which, during Skyfall, he still has to come to terms with and appropriate to consciousness.

As Raoul Silva [Tiego Rodriguez] reminds Bond, M also betrayed him as she did the former. His dangerous mission led him to being shot to near-death by Eve, his beautiful colleague in arms, on the orders of M herself. He was apparently betrayed a second time when she sent him to capture the dangerous and intelligent Raoul [Tiego], despite the fact that he had miserably failed his physical and psychological tests for active MI6 operatives after his return from his near-death experience. Yet he never seems to hold any grudge against M and always treats her with respect. In Greek mythology the goddess, grey-eyed Athena, is the guide and protector of heroes and she sends them on their perilous journey, over which she keeps a close eye. She challenges them with dangerous tasks for the sake of personality development and individuation, which only the hero can adequately accomplish, while others perish in the attempt. M, it seems, is a delegate of Athena, and although she was instrumental in sending James to his near- death on the one occasion, and, on the other, to potential death, she set the table for him to become the hero that he was born to be. She offered him the chance to take great risks, face dangers and integrate more psychopathic traits for the meal. She, one could say, made him into a hero and he took on the responsibility.

Skyfall 17 As part of her arsenal, Athena is also the goddess-mistress of disguise. Tiego aka

Raoul, the Joker-puer, seems to have specialized in the disguise aspect of his espionage training. As it turned out, he wasn’t protected by the mother agent, M, because, one could argue, he was not a true hero. Our man, James, on the other hand, was protected, even though M had him sent to death, first when the dark beauty, Eve, inadvertently shot him, and later, when M, herself, sent him into active duty despite his having badly failed the required tests a MI6 agent needs to pass in order to assume active duty. One would say, he faced certain death,-unless, that is, he is a true hero, and not just an uncommitted puer, as previously discussed. M sent him into danger so that he could thrive and find his own heroic truth, which is what he did. The mother superior therefore could be seen as the mother of both heroes and Joker-puers as the hero’s shadow. She carries both life and death and, only the hero can transcend these opposites to bring in new life. Restoration of life needs the chaos of death and destruction in order to find the seeds of restored life. In the Jewish mystical tradition of the Kabbalah, there is first the “breaking of the vessel,” then its restoration, requiring human participation to put the shadow shards back together. In Skyfall, breaking of the vessels can be equated to the devastation perpetuated everywhere by the Joker- shadow, including in the underground, the place of the unconscious shadows. Restoration involves restoration of peace and safety, and law and order in the city.

Yet, agent 007’s sexual prowess and appetite, and his emotional disengagement from women, including sex and work partners, indicates that our boy, James, is, at least in part, developmentally stuck in adolescence. He is, in fact, the perfect puer or eternal child who, typically, has a fascination with death, against which he is eternally

Skyfall 18 struggling. From a neuro-psychological point of view, his disengagement from women

speaks of deficient relationship to the amygdale, the emotional centre of the brain, and related brain circuitry. He sometimes does shows empathic understanding, like when he recognizes that the beautiful but vulnerable Severine, with a name based on the Latin name, Severus, and of French origin, meaning stern, was a helpless victim of her Chinese casino masters. However, his empathy is what Kevin Dutton (ibid, pp. 17, 18) refers to as cold empathy involving reasoning and rational thinking and not the emotions. It involves the prefrontal cortex and posterior parietal cortex and not the brain’s emotional centre, the amygdala. After liberating Severine in a typically heroic fashion, they are next shown in a steamy shower scene, after which he encounters Raoul. But that was it, the sexual adventure apparently being the thing, and not emotional engagement, which requires what Dutton refers to as hot empathy. Yet, from a purely symbolic perspective, one could argue that liberation of a stern anima and a mutually cleansing shower allows agent 007 to continue on his way to meet his heroic destiny.

The dynamics of the life of the typical puer is based on sex and death. Like James Bond in Skyfall, he lives for sex and one exciting adventure after the next, always skating on the edge of the abyss and flirting with death, at least psychologically. The puer never takes on the full responsibility of and commitment to an adult life. He is a mother’s son, even if, as in the case of James Bond, agent 007, it seems to be the positive mother, who believes in him as he, ultimately, believes in life. His beautiful dark anima, whose name is Eve, meaning “live and breath” suggests life, although, in her

Skyfall 19 case, it is the seductive life of the shadows and continual penetration into the dark side

or the shadows. Albeit on the command of the mother agent superior, she, in fact, is the one who pulled the trigger that plunged James to his “death” or “near-death.” His shadow is the puer-cum-Joker, who is directly in league with death; hence all the images of death that emanate from him, and, for him, unlike James, the constellated mother is the death mother. His symbiosis with mother agent superior is the reason why, in the end, he pushes for a double-death, his and hers, as love/sex and death are ultimately one.

From the Mother-World and the Trickster Cycle to the Father-World and the Hero
At the end of the drama of Skyfall, there is a suggestion that James Bond is ready to move on to the father-world, in that his new superior is a man by the name of Gareth Mallory. The name, Gareth, is of Welsh origin and means “gentle,” and it is noteworthy that Sir Gareth, a knight of King Arthur’s Round Table, was reputed to exhibit the knightly virtues of modesty, gentleness and bravery. He was Arthur’s nephew, brother to Gawain, whose purity was such that he found the Holy Grail, and half-brother to Mordred, Arthur’s shadow-son. He was, in other words, directly related to both the light and the dark, with the potential to appropriate both values to consciousness. Gareth, in fact, subdued the Black Knight and took his armor and horse, suggesting appropriation of vital shadow values, and conquered his brother, the Green Knight, requiring the latter to serve him, the color suggesting fertility, hope and healing. He also subdued others, including the Puce Knight, the Indigo Knight, and the powerful Red Knight, each of whom also swore to serve him, indicating the appropriation of more shadow values to

Skyfall 20 consciousness. All these attributes would serve the MI6 agents well as a refined

masculine model that doesn’t avoid the shadow side of life as well as relating to the light, which brings strength to the light side, and transformative light to the shadow side.

Referring to his family characteristics taken from his family name, Mallory, is more ambiguous, at least according to the meaning often attributed to it. If it is derived from French, “mal,” it means “unfortunate” or “ill-omened,” which seems unlikely for someone having achieved the success of becoming chosen as a leader in the British secret service. If, on the other hand, it is derived from the name of a French village by the name of “Meillorie,” the name would be taken from mills involved in linen breaking, or “meillorie” based on the ancient Latin root, “molere” (“mele”), meaning to crush or grind. Mallory would then mean “crusher,” which could be a description of a certain type of man involved as a leader in the brutal psychopathic shadow side of the work of international espionage.

One other potential meaning for Mallory is that it is based on an old Irish name, where “mal” means servant, and “mal o righ” means servant of the king, certainly very fitting for a leader of British espionage in service to the crown. This interpretation seems to be on the right lines as Mallory’s namesake, Sir Thomas Malory, a knight from the 15th century C.E., wrote the first English account of King Arthur and his court in his Le Morte D’Arthur, where he dedicated Book VII to the story of how Gareth became a knight. Despite these conjectures, the name Mallory could simple be in reference to the author- knight himself, Thomas Malory, who would represent something of the whole Arthurian

Skyfall 21 cycle with its quest for the Holy Grail or truth. From the point of view of James Bond,

moving from the mother world of M to the father world of Gareth Mallory, with the qualities suggested in his names, could therefore involve an ideal initiation that encourages him away from the puer mentality and trickster cycle altogether, in order to firm up his heroic qualities and identity as a mature man with notable masculine virtues. ****

It is noteworthy that Skyfall is located on a barren and desolate Scottish moors. That is where James was born and lived his early life. Tiego, the Joker, has a parallel abode in that his island has been turned into a destroyed and barren place, again showing their kinship. Near the final act in the movie, Bond’s early residence was blown up, first by the shadow-Joker, with the final touch coming from the hand of Bond, himself, in an attempt to destroy his attacker. His early residence was completely destroyed by fire, suggesting a return to primal chaos and the potential need for personal regeneration, either that or death. There subsequently follows new conditions in that M, the mother superior, dies and a new superior, Gareth Mallory, takes over. The fact that he is a man implies more solar or conscious operations, more planning, more goal orientation and objectives and possibly legal and political considerations, and less underground work, less work in the shadows at least the lunar shadows. Of course we won’t know what will actually be involved until the sequence to Skyfall is actually produced.

James Bond’s dark anima beauty, Eve, is now taking a desk job, implying that she will not be actively involved in leading him into the lunar shadows either. The image of agent 007 on top of the building with his dark beauty, coolly surveying the scene before

Skyfall 22 him is indicative of the coming challenge. M’s parting gift is the symbolic bulldog,

painted with a British flag, the instinct of protection that should guide and lead him in service to the Crown, in whatever line of activities he becomes involved in. If our conjectures are at all on the money, he will need every bit of consciousness he can muster as the shadow-sun is far more destructive than the dark side of the moon. Still, one can only wonder what lies in the future for agent 007, who has reported for active duty and been accepted by his new superior.


The Second Coming ........................
Surely some revelation is at hand;

Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
A shape with lion body and the head of a man, A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.

The darkness drops again but now I know That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle, And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,

Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? William Butler Yeats

Skyfall: Symbolic Dreams of Justin Trudeau and Alchemical Art
Creatively crafted movies are like collective dreams and they can touch a sensitive person at the archetypal level related to the movie’s theme. It is not unusual for contemporary folk to have apocalyptic dreams and movies with apocalyptic themes are plentiful today. The general interest in the end depicted in the Mayan calendar, which

Skyfall 23 many people took to mean a disastrous apocalyptic event, is part of the same

phenomenon. Psychologically this refers to the fact that, as the earth trembles, we are in a time that the old way and patterns of life are being shaken up, in order for a new way to enter consciousness and life. It is a time of significant transition, felt by increasing numbers of people, although most of those involved cannot articulate what that means, as we witnessed in the “Occupy” movement and now the Canadian aboriginal “Idle no More” movement. According to Yeats prophetic poem, “Second Coming,” there is a new birth, although the second coming he describes is not a new Christ of the light and good, but is, rather a dark figure from the depths, as a “rough beast, its hour come round at last,

Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born...”

Skyfall is apocalyptic, and the hero, James Bond, has to deal with and appropriate to awareness much lunar-shadow and conquer the Joker-shadow, but this seems to lead to a restoration of the old way, but nothing new is established. A more complete rendering of the apocalyptic myth that accords with the deeper and longer term needs of the time would lead to the manifestation of a new way with transformed consciousness, greater psychological and spiritual strength and new and higher values.

An older man, who had seen the movie, Skyfall, some three weeks earlier, had the following related dream:

I receive a standard 11” x14” brown envelope, the type that I use in my business endeavours [EXHIBIT 1]. On the front are four or five lines neatly written for the address, although I couldn’t make out what it said, except I believe it was addressed to Justin Trudeau, son of Pierre Elliott



Trudeau, a former charismatic Prime Minister, and the potential new leader of the Liberal party of Canada. On the other side of the envelope, I see a picture on the left mid-section of a figure doing a somersault as it engaged in falling through space. I hear someone say: “Skyfall” and I see the word written just below the figure and underlined. I then see at the bottom of the envelope, pencil drawings of five standing figures. I subsequently notice a descent of off-white paint on the top of the envelope. I am then with Justin Trudeau and say to him, you need a Skyfall in order to become a leader, the president, the Prime Minister.

The movie, Skyfall, is all about the collapse of cognitive and moral structures and the intrusion of what can be called lunar-shadow values related to revenge and destruction, followed by cognitive and civic restoration thanks to the successful heroic efforts of James Bond, agent 007, and others. In order to successfully deal with the angry and destructive cycle of revenge carried on by the Joker-shadow, James needed to suffer descent, near-death and resurrection, while appropriating shadow values to consciousness.

The problem today is how to connect with, bring to awareness and make manifest the emerging new life and consciousness, which includes much shadow related to the “rough beast” that has been collectively repressed for some 2000 years “of stony sleep.” With connection to the shadow, there is strength to bring in the new way, which would otherwise be impossible. From the point of view of the dream and its message, the hero’s, the dream figure, Justin Trudeau’s, descent in a Skyfall, death and resurrection is the key to solving this enigma.

As the real Justin Trudeau is the new leader of the Canadian Liberal party and potentially the next Prime Minister of Canada, the dream Justin symbolizes the potential

Skyfall 25 unfolding of a new collective ruling consciousness. There is, for the latter, a necessary

descent in order to become aware of the complex interrelations of life and to come to terms not only with good, healthy, and conscious factors that motivate people and collective bodies today, but factors which are unconscious and shadowy, and difficult to relate to and bring to consciousness. This brings the necessary strength and wherewithal to make manifest the new world and its values.

The bottom five figures symbolically indicate the outcome of the Skyfall will be centred wholeness as a reality in concrete existence, which is the significance of the number 5. It refers to the quinta essentia, which, observes, Marie Louise von Franz (as reported in Andreas Schweizer, 2010, p. 152) represents their “realized unity of existence” and significantly relates to physis, earth and the body. It engenders increased probability of individual experiences of synchronicity, which are particular instances of general acausal orderedness and acts of creation in time. Such acts of creation in time are, according to Jung (1975, p. 518), “the continuous creation of a pattern that exists from all eternity, repeats itself sporadically, and is not derivable from any known antecedents.” There is, according to Jung, creatio continua, continuous creation, and, as experienced in sychronicity, times of new creation, a belief also held by quantum physicists. With centered wholeness, the hero and leader acts with greater awareness and the ability to access each of the four functions of consciousness, thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition, and the two attitudes, extraversion and introversion in the existential reality of life. He is not self-serving, like a real psychopath, but by attaining


Skyfall 26 the point of new creation is able to help manifest it the collective life and serve the

greater good.

Included in this expanded consciousness are psychopathic traits that allow one to deal with life more effectively and efficiently, with less naivety and idealistic innocence. The same man had another dream about Skyfall, where a man who has a management position and actively involved in practicing mixed martial arts, said he wants or is interested in the following title: James Bond: As Agent 007 in Skyfall. He also wants to tattoo the word, Skyfall, along with the rest of the title, near his penis. Symbolically, the number 7 refers to individuation, as it consists of 4 and 3, where the number 4 symbolizes wholeness and 3, insight and process. Amongst primal people, tattooing is a reflection of a sacred relationship to the meaning of the image tattooed. Having the title tattooed near the penis indicates that the creative and generative masculine phallus is integrated to physical consciousness and the individuation process as are the psychopathic traits of the hero. In addition he saw the word SKYFALL printed twice roughly in the middle of the upper image of a painting he was working on, as I discuss below.

The descending off-white paint from the top of the brown envelope suggests there is not only conscious life emerging from below, but a new relatively pure consciousness from above. The off-white paint seems to be tinged with brown, which suggests the alchemical coagulatio and ability to relate the new consciousness to the ego. The brown colour of the envelope, which is the kind the older man uses in conducting his

Skyfall 27 business, also indicates coagulatio and relationship to the conscious ego, as well as the

relationship of the transformed consciousness to work life or, at least, life in the world. Noteworthy is the fact that the five figures on the bottom are naked as if to say, stripped of old beliefs, attitudes and personas and open to receiving a new set of clothes, which was, in fact, realized by Justin Trudeau in a later dream.

During the time he was having these dreams, he was working on a dream-induced painting he refers to as the alchemical Omne Colores and New Creation [EXHIBIT 2]. The many colours suggest an integration of multiple aspects of the personality, here contained in archetypal images that partake of the values of sacred geometry. The upper image, with its diagonal angle, suggesting a right angled triangle added to a rectangular shape, refers to the value of a square, which indicates grounded wholeness. In ancient Egypt, the source of Western alchemy, the diagonal itself indicates the royal way. Particularly noteworthy is the lower image, which consists of two central interacting triangles, one descending and one ascending that refer to new creation in time. According to Marija Gimbutas (1989, pp. 239-243 passim), similarly shaped hour glass goddess designs and images on pottery, dating from 3000-5000 BCE in Old Europe, refer to rebirth and regeneration. There are also four other triangles, two ascending and two descending, where each of the ascending triangles meets the corresponding descending triangle at a common apex. These triangles enhance the meaning of wholeness and new creation. In a later dream he saw the word SKYFALL printed twice in the middle of the upper image and this became integrated into the painting, adding the guiding value of a necessary descent in order to realize

Skyfall 28 regeneration and new creation. The title of the painting became Omne Colores, Skyfall

and New Creation [EXHIBIT 2]. What is important to realize is that the painting was, in no way consciously contrived, but the transcription of a direct product of the unconscious psyche.

There was another somewhat later dream of Justin Trudeau, which seems to solidify the meaning of the other dreams, art pieces and the discussion here. Justin appears on the beach beside the ocean skilfully playing a racket game with his brother, Alexandre, the focus being on the former’s elegant backhand stroke. In real life, Alexandre is a journalist, has prepared several successful, sometimes controversial, television documentaries and is currently Justin’s senior advisor. He is interested in ideas and has philosophical interests. The dream, therefore, indicates that there is a healthy interchange between the more active, political, Justin Trudeau, and his relationship to his more introverted brother and ideas. Justin is wearing a wool sweater that is white and “permanent green.” Emphasis on his smooth backhand stroke, as differentiated from the forehand, indicates a harmonious relationship with the unconscious, both concerning creative new ideas and Shadow, which is essential in order to gain the strength to implement these ideas. There is a series of downward pointing green triangles that encircle his sweater. He is eventually wearing a second similar sweater, as he turns and runs off to the right along the ocean edge. Doubling of a motive, in this case, Trudeau’s sweaters, indicates that its meaning is just entering consciousness.


Skyfall 29 A wool sweater partakes of the symbolic value of wool, which comes from sheep/lamb,

and has the significance of celestial truth and spiritual protection. Wool is dear to the mystical Islamic Sufis, where suf is Arabic for wool, and for Christians, Christ is the Lamb of God. The colour white refers to purity and, in alchemy, as albedo, a state of receptivity, reflection, enlightenment and insight. The colour green represents life, hope, renewal, nature and the sensation function, reasons for which the alchemists extol the benedicta veriditas or “blessed greenness,” as the generative fountain of all life and a gift of the Holy Spirit. In the Hindu tradition, the downward pointing triangle represents the creative womb of the Goddess, Shakti. Overall, then, it is as if Justin has been given new clothes as symbolic of his having successfully fulfilled his initiation through his descent in a skyfall, as in the ancient mystery traditions. New clothes for the successful initiate, then, symbolized both illumination, a higher order of functioning and new destiny. Trudeau is running on a beach beside the ocean, the borderline between the creative unconscious and consciousness. The two new sweaters, therefore, seem to represent differentiated receptivity to archetypal ideas and energy, in addition to his active creative function and ability to bring in new creation in time.

The Dream Justin Trudeau versus the Outer JustinTrudeau
Perhaps it is necessary to emphasise that this discussion relates to the dreamer’s inner Justin [and Alexandre] Trudeau and not the outer individual[s]. What happens to the outer Justin Trudeau is a matter of both his and Canada’s destiny. He and his wife, Sophie, are already aware that his destiny has changed, one could say, become higher and beyond his personal fate, since he has taken on the mantle of the leader of the

Skyfall 30 Liberal party. At this moment in time, it seems that the youthful Trudeau has a

particularly strong relationship with the younger generation of voters, many of whom see him as a positive agent for change with similar values and beliefs. Some older generation voters can relate to him as well, in part, thanks to their admiration for his father, Pierre, a former charismatic Prime Minister of Canada. The general discomfort with his candidature is that he remains unproven as an effective [political] leader and he has not yet made any pronouncements on any of the Liberal party’s national policies. He is, in any event, an attractive and likeable man, equally at ease in both French and English, with direct ancestral roots in both Québec and Eastern Canada and British Columbia and the West that will unquestionably stand him in good stead as a candidate for Prime Minister who has a solid relationship with such different cultural soul-centres of the country. The place and role of Québec in Canada is a perpetual issue of concern, and the West is becoming an increasingly important and powerful aspect of the nation’s voice.

As the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre, was instrumental in patriating the constitution from Westminster, where amendments to the Canadian constitution formerly required British House of Parliament approval. He introduced the Constitution Act, 1982, making several amendments to the Canadian constitution, including, in the first part, the enactment of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, guaranteeing certain political and civil rights while succeeding the relatively ineffective, Canadian Bill of Rights enacted in 1960. The Québec Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it may be noted, was previously passed by the Quebec National Assembly


Skyfall 31 on June 27, 1975. Although at the summit of legal documents in Quebec, it does not

apply to federally regulated activities in Quebec.

The rights of the First Nations peoples were expanded according to the Constitution Act, 1982 and, subsequently, their role in Canada has been growing in importance as is their relative growth in population. Aboriginal rights are of particular interest to the provinces of Western Canada and especially relevant in British Columbia, where most First Nations communities have not yet signed treaties. Whereas Ontario has the largest population of aboriginals, projections for the Western provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba for 2017 are for 21% and 18% of the population to be aboriginal respectively. Some 6% of Alberta’s population and about 5% of the population of British Columbia are aboriginal, while the First Nations population of Northern Canada is very high, projected to be 35% of the population in the Yukon, 58% of the population in the Northwest Territories, and 84% of the population of Nunavut by 2017.

Justin Trudeau, it may be remembered, has ancestors from British Columbia in Western Canada on his mother’s side, as well as from Quebec through his father. His maternal grandfather was James Sinclair, a prominent federal Liberal and member of parliament from 1945-1958. He was Minister of Fisheries from 1952 to 1957 and, from 1958 to 1960, the president of the Fisheries Association of British Columbia. He, consequently, leaves a legacy that affects the way oceans and fisheries are managed in Canada, including the role and rights of First Nations peoples. One karmic requirement for Justin Trudeau, then, can be seen as the challenge to integrate First Nations peoples and their

Skyfall 32 values and attitudes more consciously into the Canadian collective consciousness as

well as economically.

The Constitution act, 1982 was clearly an important defining moment for Canada, with significant repercussions, in its psychological maturation and collective individuation. There was, however, a serious problem that remains a weakness in the Canadian political and civic fabric. Pierre Trudeau was able to obtain the formal approval and signature of every province but Québec. Repairing this breech in the Canadian matrix could prove to be an important demand that Justin Trudeau will be required to fulfill.

Québec’s narcissistic need to aggressively assert its uniqueness along with its typical disregard for Canada, its values and concerns, has recently led to a proposed Charter of Québec Values, which prohibits wearing conspicuous religious symbols by Québec state personnel, including teachers, doctors and nurses in carrying out their duties. The disingenuous reason given is the proposed charter is meant to protect state neutrality and secular values. The facts are that the conspicuous symbols in question are typically not worn by Christians, the mainline Québécois religious heritage, but by members of minority religions, including Muslims, Sikhs and Jews. The proposed charter could well have a negative spill over effect on other, non-state operations and the public at large; it is both discriminatory against members of minority religions and goes contrary to Canadian values of human rights and multiculturalism.


Skyfall 33 Surveys show considerable support for the proposed charter in Quebec, which is taken

as its justification. This reasoning is specious and, in fact, supports a tyranny of the majority. As a linguistic and cultural minority in Canada and North America, the charter appeals to Québécois insecurities and fear as well as common religious and racial prejudice. Right up to the 60’s and 70’s, French Québec was staunchly Roman Catholic and, even today, Catholics, nominally, account for over 80% of the population, although most are non-practicing. There has, in fact, been a striking mass exodus from the Church to the point that only 0.5% of the population is currently actively affiliated, the lowest in North America. Despite the fact that the vast majority of Québec’s education, social services and medicinal care have been provided by the Roman Catholic Church, the Church and its values were replaced by intense fascination with Québec identity, politics and politicians. The religious and cultural lacuna set in motion a search for Québec identity in a culturally unstable climate, forming a national ego-centric and false subjectivism.

Should the Charter of Québec Values become enacted in law, it will be a disaster, with unforeseen consequences. It is already sowing seeds of division between cultural and religious groups, family members and rural Québec, largely francophone, and cosmopolitan, bilingual Montréal. Should it not become law, a real possibility, as support seems to be diminishing according to recent polls, elite Québecois may become conscious of Québec’s xenophobic shadow, to its long term cultural advantage and collective character development. On the other hand, the situation is already highly conflicted, and the shadow could well be buried or denied as if it does not exist or is

Skyfall 34 inconsequential, with the effect that it may surface again at any time, possibly

destructively. In fact, the question of the number of immigrants from non-Western cultural and minority racial backgrounds and religions Canada, including Québec, can harmoniously absorb, perhaps, changing over time, and their integration in Canadian and Québec society, is open to debate, and a public debate on the issue ideally does take place. In any event, the renewed vigour behind the movement towards Québec sovereignty by the provincial party in power, the Parti Québécois, is troubling and depressing. The second and more obvious karmic task for Justin Trudeau, then, is for the reasonable, fair and appropriate reconciliation of Québec with Canada not only for Québec, but for the country as a whole. This will require unprecedented fearlessness, sincerity and candour on the part of the young Trudeau.

In a recent, September 03, 2013 CTV at 7:00 am EDT, television interview with Conrad Black, the Canadian former newspaper publisher, journalist, historian and public intellectual, the host, Don Martin, refers to Justin Trudeau, somewhat tongue in cheek, as “the Sungod,” inviting Black’s comments. In Egypt, originally the pharaoh was the embodiment of the Sungod although later, in the New Kingdom, around 1500 BCE it was everyman who did. In Egyptian mythology of this period, the Sungod descends into and journeys through the netherworld undergoing a series of difficult trials, eventually to emerge, reborn for the sake of creative renewal.

The similarity to a descent as depicted in the skyfall art pieces is remarkable, as is the synchronicity of watching “Power Play” on my computer on September 03, a

Skyfall 35 programme I virtually never watch, for the Don Martin, Conrad Black interview, as I was

finishing making additions to this section of the epilogue, which includes remarks on synchronicity and a quote from a book entitled “The Sungod’s Journey through the Netherworld,” which I am presently studying. I came upon the programme as I was casually searching for background information on Justin Trudeau, and I was drawn to the headline notes on the google webpage referring to Conrad Black’s (1973) comments during the aforementioned “Power Play” interview, where he said that “Trudeau might ‘ultimately be a threat’ to the Conservative government.”

From the perspective of this essay and synchronicity, significantly, not only does Black’s name suggest the unknown and Shadow, but his eventful life indicates not only considerable public success but also an intimate connection with the dark side of life. He was sentenced in 2007 for six and a half years in a Florida minimum securities prison in the United States because of three charges of fraud and obstruction of justice. Not only is Black a public intellectual, but he is a controversial public personality. He has the merit of having received an appointment as an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1990, and subsequently lobbied hard to obtain a Lordship and become a member of the British House of Lords. The latter resulted in the revocation of his Canadian citizenship, while his prison sentence has put his Order of Canada designation into serious question, and it may eventually be terminated.

Black’s connection to the Shadow, as well as his successes, is what makes the coincidence of finding this interview meaningful to the unfolding story of the real Justin

Skyfall 36 Trudeau. The latter may well eventually become the next Prime Minister of Canada and

lead the country into a future that seems to be demanding new values and new ways at a vulnerable and potentially defining moment in this relatively young county’s formation. If he is not voted in during the 2015 election, then he may be during the following one. Time alone will tell.

There was another later dream of Justin Trudeau, this time quite clearly, although with some ambiguity, differentiating the inner figure and its psychological exigencies for the dreamer from the outer one. In this dream, the dreamer is with Justin Trudeau, who says to him: “Why don’t you work for me?” The dream Justin has very clear eyes, which were transparent ochre. The dreamer took Trudeau’s request to mean that he is being asked to work for the Liberal Party of Canada, and he wasn’t sure what contribution he could make. He asks the dreamer how he feels or the dreamer simply tells Justin how he feels about Canada, which isn’t good at the moment, given what is transpiring in Québec. Trudeau then says: “We need a __________?” The dreamer understands him to mean that we need a mantra and he replies: “You want a mantra to look at all the time?” “Confirm Canada.” He went on to say: “You need a vision to pull you forward. Your father had such a vision.” Justin looks at the dreamer, but says nothing, as if what he said were totally irrelevant, whatever may be the value for the external Justin Trudeau.

Synchronicities around the real Justin Trudeau are intriguing and, possibly, have a meaningful significance for the dreamer. However, my above associations and

Skyfall 37 amplifications help to differentiate his life, pedigree, concerns and potential from the

dreamer’s life, which is on a considerably smaller stage. It may also suggest qualities related to projected values that need to be integrated to consciousness by the dreamer. The dream ego typically takes a position that the waking ego, at least in part, can identify with, while the psyche is trying to expand ego consciousness and, with it, to bring in a transformation in the dreamer’s attitudes, values and active life. In this case, it is evident that Justin Trudeau is understood by the dream ego to be the real person, who is, in fact, a son of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, a former Prime Minister of Canada and presently the leader of the Liberal party of Canada. The dream Trudeau’s ignoring the dreamer’s comments as if they were inconsequential implies that his concern is something totally different. Given the other dreams of Justin Trudeau, indicated earlier in this paper, the meaning seems to be related to his bringing in a new world, for which the dreamer is now requested to actively and consciously participate. The dreamer has been given a task from the Self, of which he is still not aware, although it will inevitably become clear over time.

Skyfall touches a cord today because it fits the psychological need to assimilate shadow qualities, even psychopathic qualities to consciousness. This is essential for the individuation process and the ability to consciously participate in bringing in a new world. It cuts through naïve idealism and innocent romanticism, and gives one the necessary strength to contend with oppositional factors and overcome obstacles to the

new way for both individuals and, ultimately, the collective.










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