Thank you for being in my life. When I was little, I had no idea what your importance was in my life. When I first started school, my mom was a teacher in the same school. I was in love with Coca Cola and would go to the canteen to get Coca Cola. My mother had an account for me with the storekeeper and he was instructed to give me a Coke everyday. So when I got my Coke everyday, I thought it was free and just a part of my life. I had no conception of money. Then in grade school, I found the little candy shop under the L station right next to our school. Thank you for letting me trade you for delicious candy necklaces, and smarties and the little candy that you dip in the powder. You made my days so happy. I finally grew up and realized that you have been a great companion in my life and have let me experience giving people a little in need, many things like wonderful vacations, beautiful homes, beautiful surroundings, beautiful clothes, great cars, and great restaurants. I also want to thank you for letting me be able to give you to my employees giving them a means to living. Thank you for coming into my life via my friends when I have needed you most.
I know I have not been appreciative enough of you and may seem distressed at times when it comes to you but I truly do appreciate you as you have been quite abundant in my life. I promise from today forward I will appreciate you more and appreciate the things that you provide me. I realize now that it is my responsibility to treat you with respect and respect the sources that you flow into me from. You have been true to me and I promise to be true to you. Thank you and please flow into my life with pure abundance!
ps–I know you grow on trees :)