Most people have a very deep fear of commitment. When someone wants something, they are not committed enough to give their all. Then they wonder why things aren’t going their way. This is usually a sign of a fear of getting hurt. But more than the hurt itself, it is the fear of hurt that keeps us from attaining our deepest desires. We have to fall so deeply in love with our desire, have a deep commitment to it, and literally take a dive off the cliff without a parachute. And if in the process of this commitment, we get hurt, then we have to be in love with that hurt also. It is only then that we will attain that so much we desire.  This is the key to obtaining true freedom. We are so afraid of hurting and failing that we never take a true leap of faith towards anything and always putting a safety net underneath. This is beautifully presented in a scene from the last Batman movie where he is trying to escape the underground prison which no one has ever managed to do so other than a child. In all of his attempts, he ties a rope to himself (safety net) and fails every time he jumps. It isn’t until he figures out that the child jumped without the rope (children hold much less fear than adults) that he does the same jump without the rope and finally succeeds. Hurting is a part of life and having fear of it drives us from our deepest desires and puts us on a path of resignation. We have to love the journey including the hurt and the love and then life will open up to us and we will create a heaven on earth.