Kids are our teachers

There is so much to be learned from children. We forget that they are the fresh spirits in the world. They don't carry with them the weight of experiences stored in the mind. They are free and live in the moment while the rest of us tend to ruminate. Learn from a child today how to have fun and be present

 My teacher

My teacher



Your Life is a result of your Attention

Of all the descriptions I have read around manifesting, this is the best. Here are several excerpts taken from the book that influenced me most on my journey by the most humble of teachers, Sylvia Bennett. The book is called Magic The Simple Truth. 

Sylvia Bennett:

What is the most powerful thing you have? The most powerful thing you have is your attention. Combine this, the most powerful thing you have, with the most powerful force in the Universe, which is the force of intention and you have power. Power comes from your ability to focus attention and maintain that focus towards an intention. Focus is a powerful tool. When you say "focus" you are talking about attention. If you say someone is focused, you are saying that his or her attention is focused. 

The study of metaphysics reaches that thought creates form and the thoughts you carry right now are creating your future. I think, to be accurate, we must say it is the intention held within and send forth from our thoughts that creates our future. This intention is coming from the places in our consciousness where our attention is most strongly focused. This is why obsession is so powerful. Obsessive thoughts are beaming out a focused intention that is gathering energy around itself. Our thoughts are a mirror of our attention, both our conscious and in most cases, our subconscious attention. Thought is our attention. 

The most powerful thing you have is your attention. People who are successful are successful because their attention is focused like a single beam on the thing they want. Like a great actor focused on the effect they want to create, successful people, focusing their attention, become the thing they want and bring into being. This is a subtle process. What is attention? Is it definable? Is attention the same thing as attentive? 

Most people think attention is about thinking. Attention is not thinking. An attentive mind is not a thinking mind. A thinking mind is a busy mind. A thinking mind is an interpretive mind. A thinking mind is an analytical mind. An attentive mind is very quiet--not interpreting or analyzing; it simply notices the present--observes what is without commenting on what was or what should be. An attentive mind is both at rest and active at the same time. A focused attention is immediate, in the present moment--now. It is not looking at yesterday or tomorrow. A focused attention is an attention that included all the senses, both physical and subtle. When your attention is focused, it is as if you are reaching out an invisible beam of light and touching that which you are focused on. You are not thinking about how to interpret the thing you are focused on; you are just touching it. And you are touching it with the totality of yourself. So a focused attention is not a commentary and it does not include interpretation; it is an action.

Your focused attention is like a magnet. It creates a concentrated energy field around a focal point and the focal point attracts and "gathers" more and more energy. 

Tremendous energy gathers around the place where your attention is focused. And energy makes things happen!




Facing your fears

A few days ago I came across an article that kept me paralyzed for a few days. I have had it up on my screen but did not read it completely.  Fear is the underlying current in my life and has made decisions for me that my soul would have not. It is the see-saw of fear and fearlessness that I can't seem to keep on the fearlessness side. It is the thread that weaves through my psyche on all matters. It is the primary ingredient for all the life recipes I come up with. It is the driving factor of my dissatisfaction with life. It is the blanket I sleep under anytime I am at a crossroad. 

Today however, it came in my face again and I know why. Today is the day of transformation for me as I am about to embark on a journey of facing my fears. Today is the day where I have the opportunity to face fear, embrace it, give it love, and make fear my friend. Therefore the Universe delivered this article by a Buddhist teacher right back to me and I finally read through it. Perfect timing! (Nothing is a coincidence).

Starting on the Path of Fear and Fearlessness

By Judith Lief

It helps to explore how we can work with fear from the point of view of the path, the student’s journey. How do we walk the path of fear? Fear is not a trivial matter. In many ways, it restricts our lives; it imprisons us. Fear is also a tool of oppression. Because of fear, we do many harmful things, individually and collectively, and people who are hungry for power over others know that and exploit it. We can be made to do things out of fear.

Fear is a very tricky thing. Sometimes we put up a pretense of virtue, but really we’re afraid of being bad. Are our good deeds true virtue or just fear? Fear also stops us from speaking up when we know we should. Fear is often what causes people to leave the path of dharma. When things start to go deep, beyond self-improvement, they encounter fear and say, “This path is not for me.”

The essential cause of our suffering and anxiety is ignorance of the nature of reality, and craving and clinging to something illusory. That is referred to as ego, and the gasoline in the vehicle of ego is fear. Ego thrives on fear, so unless we figure out the problem of fear, we will never understand or embody any sense of egolessness or selflessness.

We have our conscious day-to-day fears—of a close call, an accident, a bad health diagnosis. But then there is an undercurrent of fear, which is very relevant to practitioners. This undercurrent of fear lurks behind a lot of our habits. It is why it is so hard to just sit still or stand still or stand in line—not doing anything in particular—without feeling nervous and fidgety. We have a fear of being still.

Why do we spin out so many thoughts all the time? We sit and try to quiet the mind but it just rumbles on and on, churning out masses of thought, small and large and pink and yellow and bland and slimy. Why? It’s because of this undercurrent of fear. It’s as though we have to keep things moving. We have to keep ourselves distracted at some fundamental level. We have to keep our momentum going, because it’s pretty scary to think of it stopping. Once we have separation and duality, we have to maintain the momentum. The problem with ego and duality is that at some level we know it’s a sham, but we have to keep at it. So part of the undercurrent of fear is the fear of being found out, of being exposed as a big fat phony who is creating a solid illusion out of thin air.

Fear has two extremes. At one extreme, we freeze. We are petrified, literally, like a rock. At the other extreme, we panic. We run around like maniacs and our mind goes into hyperdrive. Freeze or panic. Freeze or panic. How do we find the path through those extremes?

There are many stages in the practitioner’s journey of working with fear, but it is very important to know where it begins, so we can get off on the right foot. The starting point is called the narrow path, where you look straightforwardly at your own experience. You examine fear and dissect it into its components. Where does it arise? What is the sensation when you feel afraid? What kind of thoughts race through your mind when you are in a state of fear? What’s your particular pattern? Do you panic? Do you freeze? Do you get really busy and try to fix everything? Do you get angry? At this stage in the path, you try to understand your experience, try to break it down.

To do this, it helps to see things as they arise—before they become full-blown and you are caught in their sway, at which point you can’t do much about them. In meditation practice you slow things down, and that allows you to see the subtle arisings. By slowing things down, you can interrupt the tossing of the match into the pile of leaves. You can say, “I don’t need to go there. I see what’s coming.” You catch things when they’re manageable. Understanding, examining, knowing, slowing down—those are the first steps in working with fear, the beginning of the path to fearlessness.

Judy Lief is the author of “Making Friends with Death” and is series editor for the “Dharma Ocean” series, a collection of works by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.




Let's change education in America

I was born in India but educated in the United States. I started first grade in the US school system and by the time I got to the sixth grade, I started to feel the pressures of 'fitting in'. This came in both peer pressure as well as getting good grades. I always felt the American system was a system of exclusion rather than inclusion. This is especially evident in the testing system. Why are institutions allowed to judge or label our performance which may haunt us or affect our career path. Education is just the beginning and we learn throughout our life. However we are conditioned to believe that our performance in school will somehow ensure our success. This speech by Matthew Johnston to the Frederick County Board of Education sums it up beautifully. His words are powerful and thought provoking...





Frankincense and Spirituality


I have always been curious to the mystic aspects of Frankincense. Along with Gold and Myrhh, these were the three gifts brought by the wise men to Jesus. I have always wondered what the spiritual aspect behind that is. I use both essential oils in my diffuser from time to time and they give me a sense of peace. I recently came across an article by a shaman "John" and this is how he describes it:

Tools for Spiritual Healing by John:

As a shamanic practitioner as well as herbalist, I believe it is important to treat and recognize the spiritual dimension of healing. Holiday time and the New Year are a time for celebration, but also a time of great stress for many. It is a time that can remind us of old emotional pains and reopen old wounds thought healed. Then again, it is often this period that allows us to go outside our comfort zone of what we believe about healing, and try something new. It is important to recognize that the spiritual dimension can be a place where things hide from our conscious minds. Our society does not easily recognize that physical illness begins in the spiritual body.

Frankincense is a powerful plant ally. A body worker I used to work with asked me to formulate an essential-oil blend for a client of his. This client suffered from posttraumatic stress syndrome from his time in Vietnam. It was a simple formula, the main components being frankincense and myrrh. My friend claims that while he was working on his client with the formula, they both felt the moment his client’s spirit came back into his body. Following that session, the client used the formula through his daily life and in healing baths, and it supported him in finding perspective and peace. The formula did not do the work for him, but opened a safe place that allowed him to integrate what he’d learned in his healing process.

Creating a space for spiritual healing and clearing the energy field is an important first step for deep spiritual work. Any plant can do this, but I find frankincense to be specific for creating an opening when the 7th chakra has been denied from fear or extreme trauma. Chakra #7 is how we connect with Spirit. It is a chakra we send energy out from. Frankincense helps ignite a relationship between spiritual dimensions and the person. Additionally, it works well with the 6th chakra, or third eye, as the point where the mind, spirit and energy body meet with the physical and go on to touch every cell of our body. It is also the point where we are capable of receiving information. It is a charka that takes in energy. At this place our conscious self connects with our subconscious self, and we have the ability to use information from spiritual dimensions for healing. Frankincense takes us where we are ready and willing to go in this process. It protects us and gives us courage in our journey. A depressed spirit is one that cannot move. In this position we cannot do what we need to heal. Frankincense lifts the spirit and focuses the mind, allowing us to find perspective and get our direction straight. We begin to move forward instead of stagnate.

When we are overwhelmed during the holidays, our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies become stressed. Frankincense is fitting for this time of year, and the basis is not merely traditional. Frankincense gives us energy, stimulates our immune system, protects our respiratory tract and alleviates spiritual stress by keeping our energy field clear. As the cold deepens and the snow swirls, I suggest making a nice warming foot rub with frankincense, myrrh and clove.



Love is something you become

Over the years,  I always romanticized love to a degree that I was constantly "waiting" for someone to come and sweep me away. Well that did indeed happen but only once I became love. If you hold love outside of yourself, and expect that some person is going to bring that for you, you will forever be looking for love. Once you merge with love yourself, then and only then will you be able to attract that same quality in someone else and form a union of "love". Sadhguru says it way more eloquently then me....check it out.




There is ever a before and after...

And this is a simple moment between.

The first Official Ya Ya Yoga has convened.

Ay ya ya...






Be Passionate about something...

This is what happens when people do what they love for a living. Not only is Kelly Slater a world champion of surfing, but now has pioneered the best man-made wave. If you remain on the path of love, you will continue evolve and reach amazing video here:





Create the identity of a superhero

What really determines our manifestations?  The identities we conform to determine our experiences and luckily, our identities are interchangeable. The manifestation of something or a situation arises directly from our feelings which create our identity. If we change our feelings, we are able to change our identity thereby transmuting our lives. Easier said than done but simpler than most would believe.  The secret is in the way you feel.  Forget the thoughts, forget the reason for why you feel the way you do.  The only thing you should ever focus on is how you feel. Use your the space between your lungs and the space right underneath your diaphragm to determine what you are FEELING. If you can train yourself to first become aware of how you feel when you feel a pit in your stomach or the sinking of your heart, you can then train yourself to transmute that feeling. This is the magic of mental alchemy and how to make things happen in your world. Even if you don't meditate, visualize, pray, etc, by simply doing this, you will create the #identity of a #superhero in no time!




Mental Alchemy

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Daisy.  One day Daisy googled "mental alchemy" and found the jackpot.  She stumbled upon a little woman named Sylvia Bennett and a book called "Magic: The Simple Truth".  What Daisy didn't know yet was that her life was about to change.  She had embarked on something that would turn her life right-side up.  For a while, Daisy was obsessed on how to make time for the year long course about Mental Alchemy she taught in Seattle.  But when she went to find it, apparently Sylvia was on hiatus to write another book.  So then Daisy became completely engrossed in the book and read it, re-read it, copied all the passages on paper so she could absorb what Sylvia was saying through her own writing.  Daisy didn't realize it then but by becoming the book itself, Daisy was able to understand it in a way that most people couldn't.  The beautiful art of energetic transmutation is just art.  The good news is that we are all artists and can make magic if we applied this to the letter. She applied the principles to the last word for 2 separate areas/situations in her life.  And poof!!!! Like Magic, it worked!  Daisy's entire life turned around personally and she married the love of her life who she had been broken up with for over a year and a half. She was suddenly living in France and a year later married to the man of her dreams. Of course as one desire is fulfilled, another is born. So now she is in the thick of her desires again and for a minute she forgot the Magic she had learned and started to go back to her old egotistical ways. Then of course, her soul-twin reminded her of that Magic and she is now going to re-read "Magic: The Simple Truth" by Sylvia Bennett. Thank you Sylvia!