Over the years, my journey really started with diving into books on many aspects of consciousness.  I have a personality where when I get interested in something, I really go down a rabbit hole and can't stop digging.  One thing eventually leads to another and before you know it, I have ended up discovering a jewel.  The following books are in no particular order, just a compilation of everything that has fascinated me and led me down this path. Each of these books has had a profound impact on me and the way I think.  Interestingly, As you will notice along your own journey, there will be different people that speak to you at different times.  I have been exposed to certain authors at a given time and not heard anything profound....yet when I read them at a different time, I have had several ah ha moments. They have changed my life for the better and allowed me to break through the societal, cultural, social, and familial barriers to find my authentic soul.  I fully believe that everyone has their own journey and people don't follow the same recipe to get the same result.  But interestingly, what we are really trying to change is our journeys, not our destinations.  However changing your journey itself is a journey.  Yours can only be dictated by you... your soul will direct your curiosity. So, start clicking thru and you figure out which one you will start with.  Then let your curiosity take you down your own path.  Maybe you will read one, maybe you will read them all.  Maybe one will lead you to another where you will find something completely different and share with us!